Masterful company is an expert to manufacture and maintain various kinds of oil equipment such as storage tanks, pressure vessels, heat exchangers, steam boilers as well as piping networks, depending on certified welders, with the use of certified machines and tools.

The manufacturing process is subject to international standards like (ASTM, ASME, API, ANSI, AWS, TEMA, ….etc.) using suitable welding procedures, likewise qualified welders are entitled to carry out welding lines free of defects to ensure passing successfully the engineering inspection process, plus our company has a good experience of how to maintain the oil equipment, repairing, painting, washing out, deep cleaning services, calibration of devices…etc.

Our company has a big experience in the field of welding processes, likewise preparing the required standard documents, with the use of qualified welders and certified welding machines.

Our company provides full services with regards to engineering inspection services for oil equipment and non-destructive tests in accordance with international standards and codes, the exams are performed by qualified inspectors,   and consequently issuing the inspection certificates.

Masterful company has qualified staff who are able to examine welders and, award them qualified certifications.

Masterful Company is also able to perform the thorough examination for the lifting equipment, herewith testing the equipment operators themselves able to award certifications for operating their equipment, Masterful company is qualified to award certifications for rigger and slinger personals, all the tests and    thorough exams are been executing by licensed staff.

Non-Destructive Tests (NDT):

  1. Visual test (VT).
  2. Magnetic particle test (MPT)
  3. Ultrasonic Inspection (UT).
  4. Liquid Penetrating Test (DPT).
  5. Radiographic Test (RT).
  6. Leak Test.
  7. Thickness Test.
  8. Hydrostatic Test.
  9. Pneumatic Test.
  10. Vacuum Test.
  11. Hardness Test.

Lifting Equipment Inspections and crane    thorough   examination and certifications (Stationary cranes, Mobile Cranes, Forklifts,  lifting terrains, telescoping cranes, …. etc.)

Lifting Gears testing and lifting Gears thorough examination and certification,  (Slings, Shackles, bolts, chains, webbings, ……etc.),exam and certified crane and equipment operators, riggers,  slingers, and awarding certifications.

Masterful company provides comprehensive building solutions for its valued customers based on their demands, through its experiences and competencies, Masterful company seeks to provide design, manufacturing, and erection of all kinds of prefabricated buildings structures that are made of steel sections such as caravans, and single–story and multiple–story buildings.

Water, sound, and thermal insulating materials of high specifications are used to keep up with the accelerating development in line with the urban prosperity in the world, steel structure and pipe rack designs, manufacturing, and on-site erection according to the latest standards of construction are made in this section.

Masterful company keen to find all the low-cost appropriate solutions to implement steel structures using highly sophisticated machines in cutting, assembling, and welding processes, following up modern technical methods in manufacturing, painting, and packaging stages, all produced steel structures are subject to an engineering inspection process to avoid defects or harm.

Masterful company is strongly seeking to compete with other well-known factories through the strict commitment to all international standards and meeting customers’ demands.